Do You Have White Spots (Half Moon)on Your Nails? Here’s What They Mean

There are numerous ways in which the body sends signals to us about our health and wellness. Therefore, hair loss, curing of wounds, pores and skin, as well as acne may indicate our nutritional levels, intolerance of certain food, microbiome condition, or some severe diseases, like cancers or diabetes.

What Does Lunula Represent?
nailsThe lunula, the white half moon, is available at the top of our fingernails, under the toe nail. Its function is to safeguard the delicate arteries under the fingernails. Despite the fact that lunula is not noticeable on everyone’s fingernails, we all own it. Furthermore, the lunula comes with an important role in the fingernails growth, so if it’s damaged, it can affect the growth of the nails, too.

Lunula can significantly help you to learn more about your overall health:

  • A lunula on the thumb indicates the spleen and lungs function. It is the most noticeable on the thumb nail, but it should not take over 25 %25 % of the thumb nail. It may be rather smaller in smokers or people with arterial hypertension.
  • An index-finger lunula can fade away completely or become smaller as a result of the pancreas, intestine, or certain chronic diseases.
  • A middle finger lunula represents the function of the cardiovascular system as well as the brain. If it is absent on the nail, it may indicate high blood pressure or vascular issues.


Size of Lunula and Your Health

A 1996-study, published in the Journal of the Academy of Dermatology, has already shown that lunula may indicate certain medical issues in 3 ways, through its color, form, and size. The healthy and normal lunula has ivory color . 5 moon formed form, and it requires almost 1/5 of the toenail. If you notice some changes in the lunula, you should seek advice from with a healthcare practitioner or a health care provider.

Small lunula

Once we said, the lunula needs 1/5 of the toenail. If it bigger or smaller, you should consult with a doctor. In addition, its bigger or smaller size may indicate:

nailsMacrolunula means that the lunula is larger or bigger than normal. It can indicate certain health issues, like hyperthyroidism and endocrine disorders

Anolunula and Micro-lunula

Anolunula means that the lunula is not present under the nail at all, whereas micro-lunula means that the lunula is smaller than normal. Except for age-related issues, it may also indicate other health issues, like kidney failure, arthritis, endocrine disorders, anemia etc.

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