What’s So Great about a Grapefruit?

If you want a juicy fruit that is bigger than most other citrus fruits with a little bit tangy-sweet taste, grapefruit is a great choice. Grapefruits can be eaten by themselves, but they are also a great addition to other fruits or as part of a salad or salsa.

The riper the grapefruit, the better – not just with the taste, but also with its the antioxidant content.

Why You Should Eat Grapefruit

If the taste doesn’t appeal much to you, perhaps the nutritional value would. Grapefruits can provide the following health benefits:

1. Immunity

Grapefruits are rich in vitamin C, the vitamin that can support and fortify the immune system. This vitamin can also lessen the severe nature of frosty symptoms as it serves like nature’s histamine. Just half of a grapefruit can provide 78% of vitamin C RDA.

2. Metabolism

grapefruitThis fruit has turned into a diet staple for individuals who want to lose weight because it can enhance the body’s metabolic process. When you have a high metabolism, your body has the capacity to get rid of fat even through the relaxing period. A report showed eating half of a grapefruit before each food can help lose 3 ½ pounds in only 12 weeks.

3. Kidney Stones

Naringenin is in charge of the slightly bitter flavor in the fruit and it has been proven to be effective against kidney cysts. It regulates PKD2 protein, which is responsible for the formation of cysts.

4. Gum Disease

Two grapefruits daily can stop and even reverse the damage of gum disease. A study in 2005 showed that daily consumption of the fruit can lessen gum bleeding, particularly for those who have gum disease. Plus, its vitamin C can greatly contribute to oral health.

5. Cancer

This is probably the best benefit you’ll get with grapefruit. It is full of antioxidants, mainly vitamin C, which has been linked to a healthier body and more importantly, lower risk of cancer. Grapefruits may be able to repair DNA in prostate cancer cells.

Grapefruits are easy to incorporate to your daily diet. You can eat them on their own or you can juice them, since the fruit is made of 75% juice. You can simply get two-thirds of a cup and this can give you 98% of vitamin C – even if you consume the juice in a week. Grapefruits also contain dietary fiber, potassium, folate, B6, calcium, and folate. All these nutrients are necessary for a healthier body.

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