Water After Meal vs Water Before Meal: Health Benefits

Water is important to our body. We all can definitely agree to that, but here’s a question that many can’t quite agree upon:

When is the best time to drink water, before or after eating?

Science, unfortunately, cannot give us a definitive answer because studies on when is the best time to drink water yield different results and offer differing opinions. So, instead of choosing between the before-eating camp and after-eating camp, why don’t we have a look at the advantages of water before and after a meal. Read on and become the judge.


• It helps reduce your calorie intake: Several studies show that water before a meal can make you eat less calories during those a meal. That is probably because water will make you are feeling full, which means you don’t need to consume much food to attain the point of satiety. Not forgetting, choosing Water as your mealtime drink enables you to avoid sugar- and calorie-laden beverages such as sodas and juices.

• It cleanses your internal system: Particularly when taken before breakfast in the morning, water offers many health benefits for your body. It purges out toxins from your blood, gives your stomach and intestines a good cleansing, purifies your colon, and helps balance your lymph system. In addition, it helps activate your internal organs and kick start your metabolism, preparing them for the day ahead.

• It rehydrates your dehydrated body: Your body is naturally dehydrated when you wake up after a long sleep. Thus, refilling the tank is necessary, and this should be done before you even eat your breakfast. Doing so will help you feel more refreshed and provide you natural energy throughout the morning.


• It aids in digestion: Some individuals will let you know that water just after a meal will dilute your digestive juices or hinder your digestive function. Well, regarding to Dr. Michael F. Picco of Mayo Clinic, Water after every meal shouldn’t be considered a reason behind concern. It is because water actually aids in digestion. It can help digest food which means that your body can certainly absorb the nutrition.

And about the misconception about cold water leading to cancer or solidifying fats when drank after a meal, there is no scientific evidence to prove the rumor so far. In fact, the Columbia University Health Services and Mayo Clinic verified this myth as untrue. So, we say, drink your water whenever you feel the need to do so – be it before or after a meal.

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