Do You Want to Lose Weight Permanently? Here’s How

If you are trying to lose weight, you probably think there will be some drastic changes involved. You probably started signing up for marathons, you start a new diet plan and completely avoid your favorites, and all the other stuff that you just think would benefit you. Unfortunately, after a few weeks or perhaps months (if you’re seriously motivated), you find it difficult to stick with the new routine. The result is that you can’t sustain the weight loss.

You don’t have to undergo major changes. The key is to make it simple: go for routines that can impact your weight goals positively without the need to force yourself. You can start with the following, that are a few things you need to give up in order to maintain your weight:

  • Staying up late: Depriving yourself from sleep can cause putting on weight. If you want to sustain your weight, go to bed at least 15 minutes earlier. Leptin and ghrelin are two hormones which are controlled by sleep so when you don’t get enough sleep, these hormones lead you to crave for food.
  • Sugary drinks: If you don’t want to gain weight, stop drinking sodas. They are filled with sugar which can either be sucrose or aspartame, that can increase your appetite. In fact , sodas are known to be huge contributors to obesity.
  • Avoiding protein: If you think consuming protein is bad, you are completely wrong. Protein is in fact essential in losing weight. Have at least 30 grams of protein for your first meal of the day and you will realize that there’s a significant reduction in your cravings throughout the day.

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  • Avoiding certain foods: Since you are trying to lose weight and you do not want to gain any more, you most likely cross out your favorite snacks whenever you go to the groceries. This is of course a great attempt, yet doing so actually causes the banned food to be more appealing for you. Stop restricting certain foods in your diet. You can still consume your favorites, but do so in moderation.
  • Skipping meals: It is common belief that if you skip on lunch, you save yourself from calories, so you can have what you want at dinnertime. This is not just how weight loss works though. The hormones mentioned above, leptin and ghrelin, cooperate with you better if you are well-fed every four hours. If not, you are going to actually experience a spike on hunger and cravings.

Staying slim is not just about eating healthy – it really is about making a commitment. If you will make some changes in your diet and routine, these changes should remain for life. Otherwise, you could lose weight now, but you will get back the lost pounds in the future.

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