How Walking Just 15 Minutes A Day Can Change Your Whole Body

Is sitting your new favorite hobby? If yes, your wellbeing is in danger. Yes, sitting could harm your health for an almost irreversible level, which means you better do something positive about this.

Walk for at least 15 minutes every day. You don’t have to visit the fitness center – just walk. This can make an enormous difference, and you’ll feel it. Add this habit to your everyday activities, and you will notice its amazing effect on your body and mind.
dayThe power of walking was acknowledged by researchers at the University Hospital of Saint-Etienne, the University Hospital of Dijon, the University of Lyon, the Regional Center for Cancer Prevention and Jean Monnet University in France. The results of one particular study were published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. The study involved participants over 60.

Each of the participants was supposed to exercise for 15 minutes every day. This reduced their risk of death by 22% when compared to individuals who don’t exercise. According to this study, a simple 15-minute walk will keep you alive for longer.

These studies packed headlines across the country. Doctors agree that you should exercise at least 150 minutes a week at a moderate pace.

Health benefits of walking:


Walk every day, and enjoy your life!

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