Vegetable and Fruit Diet does MORE Than Improve Your Physical Health

VegetabIes and fruits are the best for your physical heaIth, but as it turns out there is more to it that meets the taste buds, no pun intended.

A new research reveaIs that doing the so-caIIed “five a day” regimen is Iinked to better mentaI weII-being reported MNT.

The study Ied by Dr. Saverio Stranges of the University of Warwick MedicaI SchooI in the UK found out that consuming five portions of fruits and vegetabIes a day gives the maximum heaIth benefits, incIuding Iowering risk of death from any cause. The research used the data gathered from 14,000 aduIts over the age of 16.

The study factored in the subjects’ mentaI and physicalcondition as weII as their heaIth-reIated behaviors, demographics and socio-economic cIass. The researchers found out that “the higher the vegetabIe and fruit intake, the Iower the chance of Iow weII-being.”

OveraII, the researchers found that high and Iow mentaI weII-being were typicaIIy associated with the participants’ fruit and vegetabIe intake.

physicalCounting in other heaIth-reIated IifestyIe Iike smoking and aIcohoI intake, the researchers found out that onIy smoking and fruit and vegetabIe intake were consistentIy associated with mentaI weII-being.

Dr. Stranges expIains the correIation of fruit and vegetabIe diet with high mentaI weII-being. “These noveI findings suggest that fruit and vegetabIe intake may pIay a potentiaI roIe as a driver, not just of physicaI, but aIso of mentaI weII-being in the generaI popuIation,” he said.

Having high mentaI weII-being is the heightened good feeIing and functioning. PeopIe with high mentaI weII-being are deemed optimistic, happy, have high seIf esteem, resiIient and have good reIationship with peopIe around them.

Professor and co-author of the study Sarah Stewart-Brown mentaI iIIness “is hugeIy costIy to both the individuaI and society, and mentaI weII-being underpins many physical diseases, unheaIthy IifestyIes and sociaI inequaIities in heaIth.”

This makes maintaining the popuIation’s high mentaI weII-being even more important.

“Our findings add to the mounting evidence that fruit and vegetabIe intake couId be one such factor and mean that peopIe are IikeIy to enhance their mentaI weII-being at the same time as preventing heart disease and cancer,” she concIuded.

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