Uses of Petroleum Jelly for Your Health and Skin

There are so many beauty products nowadays, but that doesn’t mean most of us forgot about the classics. Among the iconic formulas that individuals have in their medicine cabinets is petroleum jelly.

This has been around for about 150 years and it still sticks to people as a multitasking cream that can be used for various tasks, including health and beauty tricks. Here are some hacks you’ve probably never thought you can use petroleum jelly for:

For Your Eyes

  • If you’re using false eyelashes, remove the glue by applying petroleum jelly to your lash line using a natural cotton swab. Remove carefully after a few minutes.
  • Remove eye makeup by simply coating your eyelids with the cream and use a tissue to wipe it off. This can actually work on all kinds of makeup.
  • You could have longer eyelashes by dabbing petroleum jelly onto it regularly.
  • Get glossy influence on your eyesight shadow with the addition of petroleum jelly under it.
  • Tame your brows by dabbing some of the cream and brushing them into place.


For Your Cheeks

  • Get the bone structure you want (fake of course) by blending a small amount of petroleum jelly across your cheekbones. This will create a contoured effect.

For Your Lips

  • In the event that you forgot your lipstick and you have a red food dye around or a cherry Kool-Aid powder, just add it with petroleum jelly and you could have instant lip color.
  • Remove your lipstick spots on the mouth by simply massaging the cream onto it.
  • Exfoliate your lips safely by blending the jelly with sugars and then rub gently.

For Your Hair

  • Hair care products contain harmful ingredients and may damage your hair. Combat divide ends using petroleum jelly simply by putting it on to the broken ends.
  • Put some petroleum jelly on your hairline when you color your hair, therefore the dye won’t have an effect on your skin.

For Your Skin

  • Apply petroleum jelly on your heels and elbows to moisturize them.
  • You can even use the jelly as face moisturizer. Don’t get worried; it won’t clog your pores.
  • Use petroleum jelly with sea salt as exfoliating body wash.
  • After shaving, apply petroleum jelly to your skin so it doesn’t go dry.

Other Uses

  • Vaseline works as lubricant for earrings.
  • Apply petroleum jelly before you put perfume to make the fragrance last longer. This also works with lotions.
  • If you can’t open a toenail polish bottle, add petroleum jelly under the cap.
  • Reduce dandruff by massaging the jelly to your scalp.

Petroleum jelly is also effective in treating minor wounds and can prevent diaper rash in babies. Whether it’s for your skin layer, nice hair, or any other activities, petroleum jelly is definitely a flexible product which you can use for various purposes to save lots of time.

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