Have Stronger Teeth and Gums with Coconut Oil Pulling

Oil pulling ‘s been around for years and has already gained a lot of followers. This procedure is a popular way to detoxify orally by means of swishing a tablespoon of oil in and around the mouth for at least 10 minutes.

The most popular types of oil used are coconut, olive, and sesame oils. If your goal is to clean your oral cavity, you can use coconut oil pulling.

How Oil Pulling Works and What are Its Benefits?

What oil pulling does is similar to soap when you wash your dishes. It can get rid of dirt and toxins, while the whole mouth becomes an antiseptic environment. This makes it easier to prevent cavities and periodontal diseases. Perhaps you have heard about coconut oil pulling but you aren’t sure why you should do this. Listed below are important benefits you can gain with this Ayurvedic practice:

  • Fights and cures teeth decay
  • Eliminates bad breath
  • Strengthens gums that often bleed
  • Whitens teeth
  • Prevents lip area from cracking
  • Soothes sore and dry out throat

You may even be surprised to learn that coconut oil pulling will help you clear your skin. So if you’re susceptible to acne, you should try this cleansing method. But what’s better still is that coconut oil pulling can enhance your disease fighting capability and stop heart disease.

So given that you understand the advantages of coconut oil pulling, you might be wondering how to get this done. The steps are very simple. Here are the things that you should follow:

1. After waking up, don’t do anything or take anything, including water and brushing your teeth. Instead grab your coconut oil and get a tablespoon.

2. Put one to two tablespoons of coconut oil and swish this in your mouth. Make sure you get the liquid between your teeth.

3. Do the swishing for 10 minutes if you’re a beginner, 20 minutes if you’ve done this before. Some people may find themselves gagging from the oil, so just try to have in your mouth for at least five minutes.
Oil pulling4. Make sure you don’t swallow the oil. Spit it out and rinse the mouth quickly using hot water. You can include salt if you would like to include antimicrobial properties to drinking water.

5. Brush your teeth as if you normally would.

oil pulling should be achieved at least 3 x a week. You can even add essential natural oils to help make the mix a little more pleasurable if you are squeamish. While there are other natural oils that may also be used, coconut oil is your best option since it has a great many other curing properties including improving Alzheimer’s, increasing good cholesterol, burning fat, and decreasing ageing speed.

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