How to Stop Emotional/Stress Eating

When you’re stressed, you certainly notice that you have a ravenous appetite. This is because stress and appetite do have a connection. One person have a different results to life issues, but a lot of individuals find that their anxieties lead them to have appetite problems, which have an effect on the way they eat and how they enjoy food. Certainly, this will lead to overeating and can eventually make you keep gaining weight.

Are You Really Hungry or Are You Just Stressed?

Stress-eating, also known as emotional-eating, can occur to anyone. Many people deal with their negative emotions by turning to food. As they eat, they start to feel better which becomes a habit. Every time they are down, sad, or miserable, they expire up buying ice cream, pizza, and other foods that can make them feel so far better. However, this becomes a problem as it could result to obesity.

There are many reasons why you might turn to food when you are having negative issues in your life. One pertinent reason is how you were raised. When you were a child and your mom gave you food in order that you should manage your emotions, there is a huge chance that you will stress eat when you grow up. Another reason is a bit on the scientific side where your hormones trigger an increase in appetite, to be able to deal with stress.
stressTo know if you’re an emotional eater, answer the following questions:

  1. Do you tend to eat more when you have problems that bother you?
  2. Do you still eat when you are already full or even when you’re not hungry?
  3. Do you tend to eat just to calm yourself down when you’re anxious, mad, or bored?
  4. Do you often give yourself rewards in the form of food for a job well done?
  5. Do you feel safe when you’re eating?
  6. Do you find it difficult to resist food when it’s in front of you?
  7. Do you eat until you’re really full?

If your answer to the questions above is mostly yes, then you can say that you’re an emotional eater. Once you have distinguished whether you’re really hungry or you’re just stressed, you should take the necessary steps to stop yourself from turning this into a habit. Some things you can do include exercising, which can in fact prevent stress. Also, when you’re pressured so you exercise, this may trigger happy feelings so you burn calories through the process as well.

Thinking positive also can help you from being truly a stress-eater. Defeat stress and you’ll eventually stop yourself from embracing food that you think can provide you the comfort you will need.

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