Smoothie for Stronger Knee Ligaments and Ache-free Joints

If you have joint aches and pains and other symptoms of arthritis, you may want to try this smoothie. It is not only great-tasting, but also uses effective ingredients that can help you feel so much better.

When it comes to joints in the body, the knees are among the most important. They allow us to walk, stand, and jump. If you have strong and healthy knees, you can control your posture much easier.

As we grow older though, our knees suffer injuries, hits, and wounds. Over time, they become loose and damaged because the ligaments and tendons eventually become weaker and less flexible. Plus, the lubrication, which was enough when we were more youthful tend to be lost.

It is vital that we provide great care for our knees, so they remain strong and can still support the body despite our age. Thankfully, you don’t have to take a trip to the pharmacy or visit a doctor to help you with your knees and joints.

smoothieHere’s a smoothie recipe that when consumed every day can give you stronger and rejuvenated knee ligaments and even gets rid of arthritis symptoms:


  • Two cups of pineapple in chunks
  • Seven grams of cinnamon
  • One cup of instant oats
  • 40 grams of raw honey
  • 40 grams of almonds
  • One cup of natural orange juice
  • One cup of water

When all the ingredients are ready, here are the steps on how to make this smoothie:

1. Cook the instant oatmeal just like you normally would. Add hot water and let it cool for a bit.

2. Get the pineapple chunks next and squeeze them to get the juice.

3. You can begin blending the natural honey, water, cinnamon, and almonds with the orange juice. To make it easier for you, you can crush the almonds first before you place it in the blender or you can purchase smashed almonds in the store.

4. After mixing the mentioned elements, add the pineapple juice combined with the oatmeal in the blender although it is still digesting.

5. When the required consistency is achieved, you can include ice cubes if you’d like. Be sure to mix the mixture once more.

Exactly why this smoothie works well is because of bromelain, which is situated in pineapples. Bromelain enzymes have shown to successfully fight osteoarthritis in patients. Additionally, the supplement C in the fruits is a robust antioxidant that can reduce swelling.

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