Sleeping for More Than 8 Hours Could Kill You

Eight hours is definitely the ideal duration for sleeping, but many people fail to get enough of sleep every evening. Some though have the luxury of sleeping for more than eight hours. If you believe these are lucky, it’s time for you to re-evaluate your sleeping schedule. According to a study conducted at the University of Cambridge where there have been almost 10,000 individuals, those who sleep more than the suggested amount will develop stroke.

This is really very surprising, since it’s been emphasized over and over that sleep is essential to health. Prior studies demonstrated that not getting enough sleep can cause cardiovascular system disease as well as stroke. However, new results also revealed that individuals who sleep more than eight hours every day have up to 46% of developing Stroke than those who just have 6 to 8 hours per evening. In the meantime, those who sleep significantly less than six hours have 18% increased risk. The risk doubled in older women.

More about the Study

The study was performed by scientists from the Section of Public Health in the University of Cambridge. They implemented almost 10,000 people which range from 42 to 81 years of age for nearly a decade. What they do was to gather data by questioning the quantity of sleep the individuals have. In addition they asked about the sleep patterns double – after four and six years in to the study.

The consequence of the analysis was that more folks slept 6 to 8 hours every day. There is certainly one in 10 individuals who slept for more than eight hours. During the research, there have been almost 350 people who experienced from stroke plus some of them died. The researchers got into account other factors, such as age group and sex, plus they were able to conclude that those who sleep much longer than the suggested amount have higher likelihood of having stroke than average people.

Lack of Sleep vs More Than Enough Sleep

hoursThere have been findings before that suggested insomnia is associated with disrupted metabolism as well as increased cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Both of these lead to raised blood pressure, Stroke, and coronary disease risk. The authors of the analysis explained that the bond between insomnia and stroke and other diseases may be indie of risk factors for medical conditions.

But excessive sleep is a lot worse. It really is considered an early on indicator of Stroke risk, especially for individuals who are older. Stroke is the 3rd most significant killer in the world next to cardiovascular disease and cancer. A lot of people who are more than 65 years of age are affected, but this disease can occur to anyone.

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