Skimmed vs Full Cream Milk: Which is Healthier?

For those who want to lose or maintain their weight, they generally choose skimmed milk. This type of milk is derived from whole milk or full cream milk, but the difference is that most of the excess fat is removed. This is a normal reaction, since adding excess fat to your diet when you want to lose excess weight does not seem sensible because of the excess calories from fat you can get.

Before you select skimmed milk over full cream milk though, there are many things you will need to consider:
skimmedAbsence of Vitamins

As the fat was removed, a few of the vitamins are also eliminated. Included in these are, A, K, E, and D, which are fat-soluble vitamin supplements – meaning they want fat to permit your body to dissolve them. You are able to say that skimmed milk doesn’t have these vitamin supplements or keep these things in small amounts.

Low Calories

Although people have a tendency to control their calorie consumption if indeed they want to lose excess weight, not getting enough calories may lead you to look for more food. Since extra fat is reduced or removed in skimmed milk, you will not feel content after you consume the liquid. This is why in a few minutes, you will find yourself wanting to drink or eat again.

Ovulation Problems

There was a study back in 2006 that suggested drinking skimmed milk or those that are low in fat can impair the ability of a woman to ovulate. This is why those who want to conceive or improve their fertility should stick to drinking full cream milk.

Full Cream vs Skimmed Milk

Quite recently, a Danish study found out that men who drank whole milk ended up with higher LDL (bad) cholesterol than those who chose skimmed milk. However, it is worth noting that the men consumed six eight-ounce glasses of milk every day, which is definitely not recommended for adults. Although LDL cholesterol levels did increase, the men saw a decrease in their triglycerides, which is another marker for risk of heart disease. There are also some studies that show how drinking skimmed milk reduces the risk for colorectal cancers, but can raise the starting point of prostate cancers in men.

For weight reduction, skimmed milk continues to be considered the better option, but remember that full cream is way better for individuals who are looking to build muscles. United kingdom scientists though verified that drinking 2-3 glasses of dairy every day – whether you select whole milk or skimmed milk- can reduce your stroke and heart attack risk.

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