Why Do Your Pimples Show Up in the Same Spot?

A zit is already annoying, but what’s even more bothersome is when it keeps arriving in the same spot on your face. This may drive you crazy, however the very good news is that continuing acne can be treated the same way you would with a normal pimple. Of course, there are a few steps to take, so that they stop coming back.

The Reason Why You Get a Pimple in the Exact Same Spot

Most of us have a “stress area” in which whenever the disease fighting capability reacts because of contamination, disease, or stress, a pimple occurs for the reason that same place. There’s also other explanations why you get a continuing pimple in the same place:

  • Your hormones can cause breakouts, particularly throughout the menstrual cycle.
  • The follicular wall for the reason that particular spot is weakened which can cause breakouts as well.
  • Your habit of coming in contact with your face for the reason that particular spot.
  • An object is still left on that area of the skin for an extended time period where moisture or occlusion can lead to irritation.

Another reason is that maybe it’s a cyst, particularly if your pimples just distend and don’t appear on your skin. Cystic acne usually appears on the same spot and takes on a balloon-like shape that inflates and deflates based on the oil produced by the skin. If your pimple occurs at least twice a month in the same exact spot, see a dermatologist to make sure it is not a deep cyst or a boil. You shouldn’t get rid of it on your own as it may cause infection.

How to Remove a Recurring Pimple

Squeezing out the pimple is a big no-no, particularly if it is a persistent one. You don’t just want to eliminate this kind of pimple; you want to eliminate them once and for all. Here’s ways to offer with it:

1. Use ice.
Keep ice on the afflicted area for 5 minutes and remove it for another 5 minutes. Do it again for at least thirty minutes. That is a safe treatment that can be done as often as possible daily until the thing is results.

2. Use a clay mask.
You can find clearing clay masks which you can use. They work in detoxifying your skin, while reducing swelling. In addition they help dissolve essential oil and remove pore blockages.

3. Use salicylic acid.
Recurring pimples is actually a sign that your pores aren’t healthy and clean. Use a product with salicylic acid to remove excess oil and dead skin cells, while preventing pimples and keeping your skin healthy.

Your diet can also lead to breakouts, especially if your pimples appear during your period. Try cutting back on salt and sugar and maintain healthy habits, such as sleeping enough and managing stress.

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