Man Defeats Diabetes with This Simple Diet Hack

More and more people have problems with diabetes in the world. In fact, in just a single year, there are millions of diabetics in the United States alone with 20% of the statistics showing the patients are under the age of 20. One man had the same fate. Four years ago, he accidentally discovered that he had diabetes when he went to his doctor.

Like everyone who is diagnosed with the deadly disease, this man was shocked as he could not believe he would be affected by diabetes.
diabetesHe was able to live with it even though it was extremely difficult for him. His doctor told him his pancreas was not functioning any longer and he would need insulin in order to survive. He also had high blood pressure, so you can just imagine how many pills he had to take to help him live.

Before and After

When he was diagnosed with diabetes, he had the following health problems:

Just last 2013, he started changing his diet. These are the things happened:

He also lost 11 kilograms within 25 days and overall, he lost over 20 kilograms. Most likely the best part was that he doesn’t have to take a pill until this day. So how did he do it?

The Raw Food Diet

This man started his change after he watched the “Edge of Science” where Dr. John Zirdum discussed eating only raw foods for 12 years. Since that time, he only consumed raw foods and vegetables. To make things easier, he began juicing which is what comprised the majority of his diet:

Just like any other juice or smoothie, put all the ingredients in a blender and process until smooth. If you have diabetes, you can start consuming this juice as well. You will need to drink half a liter of it in the morning and the rest should be drunk throughout the day. This man also advised that whenever a diabetic person is hungry, just eat fruits. You can consume more fruit salads and you may even add tuna, which contains B12, a vitamin necessary for fighting off diabetes and for the body’s overall well-being.

Today, this man is free from the disease. He doesn’t even have to take medications. You can get rid of diabetes, too with this very simple diet change. All in all, it was perseverance and discipline that helped this man successfully overcome diabetes.

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