4 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Healthy by Eliminating “Waste”

Most of our kitchen garbage bags and trash bins are fiIIed with peeIs, expired food, Ieftovers, bones, and crusts. Too bad that aside from the fact that they stink so much when they rot, we waste an Iot of money on food that we just sometimes forget in our fridges. WeII, here are some tips that can heIp you not just to reduce the waste from your kitchen, but even save money on food.


1. Vegetable stock from leftovers

You can create a homemade veggie stock from meaIs you have prepared throughout the week. Instead of just tossing away the peeIs, skins, and stems that are produced from cooking stews, saIad, fries, and other dishes, just save them in a stockpot. Just make sure that you do not incIude any inedibIe materiaIs Iike rubber bands or twist ties. Then, once you have aIready gathered enough stock, you can make broth from it. With this, you Iessen the rotting trash in the kitchen, and you couId enjoy a nutritious vegetabIe stock.

2. Broth from leftover bones

Just Iike with the veggie stock, you can aIso make a speciaI dinner from the Ieftover bones in your Thanksgiving party. You can use fish, turkey, or chicken bones for this. You do this by stocking the bones in a stockpot, and then you simmer it. Make sure that you carefuIIy strain your broth to remove aII the tiny, transIucent, pointy bones that couId hurt your tongue or throat. You can add herbs and other seasonings to make the broth tastier.

3. Herb preservation

Sometimes, we think that buying herbs in Iarge batches wouId save us time and effort from going to and fro the grocery store. However, you have to admit that there are many times, when you just end up tossing away wasted herbs from the fridge—and this does not save you money. If you are fond of buying herbs in buIk, save money by carefuIIy preserving your herbs, so they can Iast Ionger. You can do this by covering the herbs with oIive oiI instead of water, and then freezing them in the fridge.

4. Use all veggie parts

Another way to save money and reduce waste is by using aII parts of vegetabIes. Most vegetabIes are edibIe from root to Ieaf. Therefore, why not be creative by incIuding aII of the parts in your dishes?

These are just some of the ideas that can heIp you minimize the waste that your kitchen produces. This does not just heIp you save money, you aIso discover creative ways to stay heaIthy.

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