List of Food You Should NEVER Reheat

When you have leftovers, you reheat those foods, so they don’t go to waste. This practice, although frowned when by some individuals, is quite acceptable. The problem is not many people are aware that we now have foods that whenever reheated can in fact pose certain health risks once consumed.

If after a holiday dinner, a birthday party, or any celebration, you have some leftovers, make sure the meals you want to reheat is not found in the list below:

Root and Leafy Veggies

Beets and other vegetables, such as spinach, lettuce, cress, and celery, are abundant with nitrates, which are advantageous to your body. Reheating these vegetables may become nitrites through transformation and may then consider nitrosamines. They are known to be carcinogenic, so avoid firing up these root and leafy veggies even when there are leftovers.

Eggs and Chicken

It is fine to reheat foods that have eggs in them. However, if you plan to reheat scrambled or boiled eggs, you may want to stay away from this idea. The eggs can become toxic if you expose them to high temperatures, especially once they have been cooked.

Meanwhile, eating chicken after you prepared it the day before is a very dangerous habit that many people don’t know about. The proteins found in the meat of the chicken will change, which can give you digestive problems. Remember that chickens have more protein content than red meat. When you have leftover chicken, you don’t have to toss it away. Just appreciate it cool; in any other case, you can turn up your stove and re-cook the chicken, but do so with very low heat.


Potatoes are starchy foods which contain many health advantages. However, their nutritional value significantly reduces when you let them sit for a day or so. Don’t reheat the leftover potatoes as they may become toxic and may cause some serious food poisoning.


These fungi are actually nutritious with the minerals and vitamins they can provide. However, if you have leftover mushrooms from last night’s dinner, it is a huge no-no to reheat them. Actually, mushrooms will be the most notorious as it pertains to reheating because this may offer you digestive problems. Mushrooms are said to be consumed once you’ve ready them because they go bad very quickly.

Surely, you don’t want to serve poison to your family. The next time you put your leftovers on the stove, microwave, or oven, know first if the food is safe for reheating.

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