Lemon Essential Oil: Better than Lemon Water Elixir

For people who want to cleanse and even boost their metabolism, they probably learned about lemon water. This is an excellent addition to your morning routine with its great benefits. Aside from the ones mentioned, it can get rid of heartburn problems, stimulate the liver, support digestive function, and balance the pH of your body.

Unfortunately, there’s a downside to the favorite lemon water elixir. It could significantly affect oral health. Since it is very acidic, it can erode the enamel of the teeth.

If you believe adding tepid to warm water helps it be better, the change actually happens. Erosion gets worse because of heat put into the acid. Remember that enameled is important to your oral health as its main job is to safeguard the dentin. When itdisappears, you feel more sensitive which is just one of the problems.

The Perfect Solution

While there are ways to minimize teeth erosion, such as drinking with a straw, brushing your teeth before you drink the elixir, or rinse using filtered water, these solutions don’t completely stop the erosion that happens. Instead of these methods, why not consume something else that provides the same benefits without the dental damage?

Thankfully, here’s lemon essential oil. Although it is from lemons, this oil is not acidic. Lemon water makes use of lemon juice, but lemon essential oil comes from lemon rinds. A kilogram of the oil requires about 3,000 lemon rinds. This part of the lemon is not acidic and therefore the product has neutral or zero pH level.

Why You Should Drink This Instead of Lemon Water

lemon waterLemon essential oil is helpful for individuals who need to detoxify their bodies. This essential oil also supports metabolism. These benefits will be the identical to with lemon water, but the essential oil actually has more health advantages, including:

  • Your body absorbs the oil much better than when you drink lemon juice. Just a couple drops to one glass of water can offer you the same advantages of drinking a tall glass of lemon water.
  • Lemon essential oil can provide you with energy, so you don’t feel like sleeping even during a last afternoon.
  • Aside from energy, lemon essential oil can provide you with mental clarity. You can think clearer and better, helping you complete your tasks at work faster.
  • This oil provides even more benefits. It can also cure heartburn, along with helping you have clearer skin by eliminating acne and other epidermis problems. Additionally, it may prevent gallstones and help you avoid respiratory diseases.

Lemon essential oil has d-limonene, which can be an antioxidant that’s not within lemon juice. This makes detoxing harmful chemical compounds from the body even easier.

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