Leftover Lemon Peels Should Never Be in Your Trash Bin Again

Lemon juice has many uses for our overall health and even for our home. It is a common habit to toss the peels away after we squeeze the lemons. Fruit peels although, even vegetable peels, ought not to be thrown away just like that. They still have many uses that could definitely surprise us. In case you frequently use lemons in your recipes or for any other purpose, you can use the whole fruit, including the peels which can help you with the following:

1. Clean tubs and sinks.

Wet the sink or tub and sprinkle baking soda first. Therefore take the lemon peel and scrub for a shinier surface.

2. Clean dishes.

Have sparklingly clean dishes with lemon peels. As a degreaser, the peel has citric acid that can get rid of the spots.

3. Improve health of bones.

The peels happen to be rich in calcium and vitamin C – nutrients that happen to be crucial in bone health to prevent diseases like arthritis rheumatoid and osteoporosis.

4. Add flavor.

Zest the peel of lemon to give the meals a sweet and savory taste. You can freeze the peel you didn’t use it so you can use it later.

5. Keep sugar soft.

Lemon peel, when added to brown-sugar, can keep the sweetener moist, soft, and easy to use. Be sure to remove the pith and there ought to be traces of pulp in it.

6. Lighten skin.

The fruit is an excellent source of citric acid, which is actually a bleaching agent. The peels themselves also contain this skin lightening compound which can be used for the hands, heels, and elbows. They can as well help tighten pores.

7. Deodorize garbage disposal.

Citrus fruits like lemons can certainly help keep garbage disposal not too smelly.

8. Get rid of ants.

Just scatter the lemon peel all over your home where there are holes and cracks, especially along the windowsills, door entrances, and thresholds. Ants hate lemons and they will stop entering your home. You may also use the peels against fleas and roaches.

9. Remove stains.

If your once white mug is now stained with coffee, you can use lemon peel to remove the blemish. Just simply add water with the lemon peel and let it sit there for several hours. Wipe afterward and you will see that the stains have disappeared.

10. Whiten nails.

If you quite often apply nail polish, the nails will look yellowish. Just simply rub your fingernails with the peel and you will see the difference.

Lemon peels are edible as they can be turned into candy, sugar, and as additions to the tea or salad. The best way to do this is to freeze them first before grating and using them in your recipe.

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