Body Cooling Herbs that will Keep You Fresh and Healthy

During summer, most of us crave for ice cream, which can cause trouble for our weight loss programs. But ice cream isn’t just the thing that will help cool down the body. Actually, this favorite snack isn’t ideal since it only helps lower the body temperature whenever we ingest it primarily. After it hits the stomach and it is digested, our temperature rises again. The next time you’re considering achieving for a scoop or two of ice cream, use the next herbs to get heat relief instead:

1. Mint

This herb isn’t just a remedy for embarrassing bad breath, but it is also a great cooling herb. Freshly picked mint can be an excellent addition to your fruit salad or lemonade. Grow it in your yard, ideally in containers so you can use mint anytime without pestering other plants.

2. Cilantro

The leaves of the cilantro plant are a staple in several salsa recipes. Cilantro is popular in Mexico and Thailand when it comes to counteracting spicy flavors. Add to your dishes and feel your body’s temperature decrease.

3. Hibiscus

This herb can literally lower the temperature of the body. It is effective in keeping you cool in the summer and is even used by menopausal women who often experience hot flashes. Hibiscus can be combined with fruits and fragrant herbs.

4. Sage

You’ve probably heard about sage and its many medicinal uses. Among them has been anti-sudorific, which is characterized by its freshening astringent qualities. If you start sweating because of hot weather, simply rubbing safe leaf between your fingers can help dry you up. Sage is a member of the mint family is therefore aromatic and has been used in deodorant blends.

5. Fennel

Many people tend to enjoy heavy meals during the summer. Unfortunately, this can raise the body temperature. You can use fennel seeds to help relax one’s body and even assist in breaking down your meal, because of its rich fiber content. You can even use the seeds as an ingredient to your tea.

6. Chili Pepper

The basic ingredient in chili peppers is capsaicin, which increases the body temperature. But this impact doesn’t last long. Amazingly, eating the peppers can cause you to feel cool once you start sweating.

Apart from the herbs mentioned previously, you should stay hydrated in the summertime to prevent heat stroke and other problems. Drink a lot of water and indulge in water-rich foods, such as cucumber and watermelon. Plus you can also use some houseplants and place them in your bedroom to help cool the air at night.

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