Become Healthier by Adding Antioxidant-Rich Foods in Your Diet

Health industry experts agree that everyone needs antioxidants to attain optimal health. Scientifically, antioxidants are molecules which have the capacity to inhibit the oxidation process of another molecule.

The body also produces some types of these molecules. However, there are essential antioxidants that your body cannot make, which is why you can turn to supplements and food. It is also important to know antioxidant production of the body declines as you grow older.

Why Antioxidants are Good for You

In order to fully understand the benefits of antioxidants, you should be familiar with the forming of free radicals. Substances in the torso oxidize which is where free radicals are produced. These so-called free radicals are metabolites that are highly reactive and are made by the body normally because of this of energy creation and metabolism.

The free radicals don’t have complete electrons. The lacking electron will generate biological oxidation where the molecules will assault other molecules to replace the parts that they don’t have. Some call oxidation as biological rusting because there is excessive oxygen in the cells. Free radicals are bad to your body and overall well-being for the following reasons:

  • Electron Stealing: Free radicals take the electrons of the proteins in your body. This contributes to DNA and cell damage.
  • Lipid Peroxidation: Free radicals accumulate in the cell membranes, which can result to cell lipids being more prone to damage caused by too much oxygen. Lipid peroxidation can cause the cell membranes to be leaky and brittle.
  • DNA Disruption: Free radicals can also disrupt your DNA as they duplicate your DNA, which interferes with the maintain ace of the constructions.

antioxidantThere are also 60+ different diseases that are associated with free radicals, including Alzheimer’s disease, cataracts, and cancer. This is why you should battle free radicals in the body and you may do that through eating antioxidants. More benefits of antioxidants include:

  • Repair Damaged Molecules: A couple of antioxidants that can do that through offering hydrogen atoms to the damaged substances.
  • Block Creation of Metal Radicals: A couple of antioxidants with chelating impact, which grabs toxic metals from the body, including mercury and arsenic.
  • Stimulate Production of Endogenous Antioxidants and Gene Expressions: Some antioxidants also raise the natural defenses of your body and its own genes.

Antioxidants offers you with a shield effect. Illustrations are flavonoids, which can shield your body against free radicals, which means that your DNA remains intact. Antioxidants can also prevent cancer cells to spread and develop. You may get antioxidants from organically grown vegetables & fruits, including berries, carrots, spinach, and kale.

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