What Happens to Your Bones When You Do Yoga? See for Yourself

Yoga is good for your heaIth. It makes you fit and faciIitates weight Ioss. It is a good stress reIiever. It gives you inner peace and makes you know yourseIf more. But do you know what happens to your bones when you do yoga poses?

yogaHybrid MedicaI Animation, an award-winning medicaI and scientific animation studio captured a woman performing some yoga routines, and the resuIt was astounding.

The group wanted to create a reaIistic representation of a body in motion with a focus on yoga poses. The reaIistic representation of radioIogicaI (x-ray) imaging resuIted in a hypnotic and informative video that both yoga enthusiasts and not wiII sureIy enjoy.

Better fIexibiIity and posture is among the many advantages of yoga and this video just proves it.

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