What Your Hair Says About Your Health

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what does your hair tell about your health?

Most of us worry about the style of our hair more than anything. But experts now say that individuals are missing signs in what their hair reveals about their health. The changes in your hair’s structure, thickness, or look and feel can be considered a sign that there surely is underlying health. When your hair is letting you know something, you ought to listen.
hairYour Hair Has Become Flat and Brittle

If your hair breaks every so often and it does not bounce the way it used, perhaps you are not getting enough protein and iron from your diet. Iron is probably the most important mineral that you can give to hair. Without it or not getting enough iron can result to thinning hair, most especially around your temples and can also cause you to have anemia.

Your Hair is Prematurely Gray

While many people have gray hair even though they’re still young because of their genes, most individuals have gray hair due to stress. Stress does not only come from your everyday problems and worries, but also pollution from the environment and many others that contribute to oxidative stress. When the body goes through oxidative stress, this can affect the cells that produce pigment.

Your Hair is Really Dry

This could mean that you have been using too much dandruff shampoo on your hair. You’re probably happy now that the flakes are gone, but your hair’s natural moisture goes away with your dandruff. While your shampoo may be effective against those stubborn flakes, they also have medicinal chemicals, such as those with antifungal properties. These are generally not efficient in keeping your hair glossy. Limit the use of dandruff shampoos to only twice a week to get back your hair’s shine.

Your Hair is Thinning and Looks Lackluster

If your hair is dull, brittle, or just lost its beauty, you might rethink what you placed on your dish. You will be eating too much processed foods which is affecting your hair. Obviously when you take in one burger plus some fries, this won’t result to boring hair. However, if you switch this into a habit, you will eventually find hair more brittle. Avoid processed food items and begin eating healthy to really get your hair back again to shape.

You will need to look after hair as if you would with the body. Pay attention to what hair tells you and you’ll eventually see that it gets back its natural shine and volume, which means you are on the right track.

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