Use Guava Leaves to Stop Hair loss and Grow Strong, Long Hair in only 4 weeks

Tired of dropping hairs, and hairs becoming thin and poor? Well, all women want to grow healthy, solid and dense hair. But pollution, change in water, chemical packed shampoos, constantly falling hair – all these problems stop our hairs from growing. In fact, some women keep it short so they may be easy to manage. Then I arrived to know about this amazing remedy, which halted my hair fall and made my hair grow really long really fast. Now I will show you one effective and amazing product that is the best remedy in this case of hair loss. This remedy also incredibly boosts the hair regrowth. It`s Guava leaves.

Apparently, ladies in older times – when there have been not many cosmetics around; have found a remedy for locks problems. As I have been speaking with my grandmother, she explained concerning this amazing hair regrowth formulation using Guava Leaves.

Along with all natural substances, Guava leaves are a wealthy way to obtain Vitamin B and C. These vitamin supplements are necessary for hair regrowth. These vitamin supplements stimulate hair roots to develop thicker and much longer hairs. This formulation also fortify the locks roots, which means you will discover your hair loss will be reduced after by using this remedy.

How to Use Guava Leaves for Hair Growth:


Take 6-8 medium sized Guava Leaves, leaves need to be fresh. Wash them with water to remove dirt and pesticides, if any. Now take 1-liter clean water in a pan and warm it up. One the water is hot, add guava leaves in it. Keep boiling the combination for 20 to 25 minutes. You will see that the majority of the water is evaporated, filter the remaining water and store it in a vessel.

You can store it in cool dry place. To use it, take a palmful of the remedy and massage it into your scalp. Therapeutic massage your scalp moving your fingers in gentle round movements. Once your hairs are dabbed in the combine, leave it for 2-3 hours. Then wash it off with clean drinking water.

The best solution to utilize it is to use it prior to going to bed during the night and wash nice hair each day.

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