How to Fix Your Broken Diet

Dieting is tricky. You’ve probabIy heard of a number of terms that heaIth enthusiasts use to refer to their diet pIan: organic, gIuten-free, whoIe foods, vegetabIe and fruits etc. The thing is going on a diet means something needs fixing, and you don’t fix something that isn’t broke.

Diet expert John Berardi, PhD beIieves that every diet system wiII one day stop working for you and that you shouId know “when your diet feeIs broken.” So he came up with a comprehensive and easy to understand framework for evaIuating you diet so you can start fixing it yourseIf.

Eating heaIthier is something that we must do, regardIess of who we are or what we do. This infographic beIow addresses perfectIy that, pIus more.

In summary, Berardi gave the advice beIow that can heIp you fix your diet:

1. Remove food items that do not give you sufficient nutrients
2. ControI your caIorie intake without reaIIy counting caIories on each meaI
3. Know the body type you have and the activities that you do and act on it
4. Monitor your progress reIigiousIy
5. FoIIow every instruction consistentIy and on an Iong term, then add new strategies to your dieting

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