Why Does Your Eyes Turn Red in Public Pools? Answer Will Horrify You

You probably assumed that chlorine is the reason behind your red eyes when you swim in public pools. However, this long thought cause is in fact innocent. Well, not completely. Based on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the true reason is chlorine binding with a kind of waste and it’s non-e apart from urine.

When chlorine and urine mix, they produce chloramine, which is an eye irritant. Aside from that, it is a derivative of ammonia, indicating you are exposing yourself to respiratory problems whenever you use public swimming pools.

What is even more disturbing is that the chlorine smell you get from swimming pools is not actually chlorine itself. The CDC explained that it is a mixture of pee, sweat, dirt, and even poop from people when they bind with chlorine. The chemical created can cause the bloodshot eyes and can even make you cough and give you runny nose.
public poolsNext time you observe red eyes in the pool, you already know what to blame. If the reason behind your red eyes does not throw you off just yet, the germs in the pool are not easily killed because of chlorine. You can get diarrhea simply by going swimming at these open public pools.

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