Drink Coffee to Reverse Liver Damage Caused by Alcohol

Is coffee your selected drink aside from booze? There’s good news if your answer is yes. We all know about the negative effects of alcohol in our body and yet many of us still abuse it by consuming more than we should.

This is why a lot of people acquire diseases, including liver cirrhosis. But here is something coffee lovers will appreciate more about their favorite beverage.

A new study from the United Kingdom says that liver damage caused by alcohol may be reversed by drinking two cups of coffee every day.

The Study Finds Connection between Liver Health and Coffee

 According to an UK study, which analyzed data from almost 10 studies that had more than 430,000 participants, it was discovered that two more cups of coffee daily can lead to 44% less risk for liver cirrhosis. That is indeed very good news for those whose favorite pick-me-up drink is coffee. Millions of individuals across the world perish annually out of this disease, which is caused by excessive alcoholic beverages intake, along with others such as:

• Fatty liver disease (often lined to diabetes and obesity)
• Immune disease
Hepatitis infections

Patients with cirrhosis have their life in peril since it is potentially fatal. What’s more, the liver disease still doesn’t have a remedy. But based on the Dr. Oliver Kennedy, the professor at Southampton University who’s also the lead writer of the study, consuming coffee comes with an important role in reducing the chance of developing cirrhosis. Coffee is ubiquitous, cheap, and most people can tolerate this beverage. It is also well-loved by many, so it becomes easier to fight cirrhosis.

Cirrhosis and the Coffee Study

The team studied the effects of coffee in almost 2,000 people who have cirrhosis. They were divided into groups and these are the results:

• One cup of coffee every day can lead to 22% less risk for cirrhosis.
• Two cups can give you 43% lower risk.
• Three cups give 57% decreased risk.
• Finally, four cups were translated to 65% lower risk for the disease.
drinkThe effects were all compared to people who did not drink coffee. Although this is really good news, there are a few things to be looked at first, including:

• Beans Used
• Brewing technique used
• Lifestyle of the drinker

There’s also one research that showed how filtered coffee works more effectively than boiled coffee in fighting liver cirrhosis. Although there are a few questions still left unanswered, this revelation is welcomed by many, especially those who love alcohol consumption and coffee.

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