Deadly Health Dangers of Holding Your Pee

Should you hold your pee?

There are times when nature calls, we don’t answer simultaneously. There are a great number of explanations why people keep in their pee. Maybe they’re viewing a common movie or series plus they don’t want to miss a certain part, maybe they’re in the center of a discussion or they’re generating, or they’re just sluggish.

Whatever the reason is, you may have done this before as well. Before you feel too guilty about stopping yourself from going to the bathroom, it is not that harmful particularly if this isn’t a habit of yours. However, if you do this frequently, there are definitely health effects:

1. Urinary Retention: If you find yourself unable to completely vacant your bladder, this is known as urinary retention. The main cause of this disorder is constantly holding your pee, which can ultimately weaken the muscles in your bladder. This gets worse as you grow older.

2. Urinary Tract Infection: Because you possess pee for extended periods of time frequently, you are keeping in bacteria as well since urine includes dirty and harmful components. Therefore, this may increase your potential for developing urinary system infection.

But how will you know you’ve been keeping pee for an undesirable timeframe? It actually depends upon the individual. Adults normally endure to half of a liter of pee, which is the same as two full mugs.

Once your bladder gets to its capacity, the receptors within your bladder wall structure will send the brain signals that it is time to bare the bladder. While many people will feel the need to rush to the bathroom, some have better control over their bathroom urges, which is quite useful if there are no facilities nearby.

There are individuals who have the physical capacity to keep their pee in for three to six hours. But for some who have been holding their pee for long periods of time regularly, such as truckers, they can train their bodies to hold their pee for longer. All in all, it depends on several factors, including bladder capacity, hydration status, water or fluid intake, size and level of sensitivity of bladder, and the capacity of the person.

However the risks associated with holding pee in aren’t truly life-threatening generally, this habit if continued could bring other health dangers, such as swelling of the bladder, cystitis, and even kidney stones since urinary system infection can spread to the kidneys. Should this happen, this can business lead to other serious conditions, which can put your daily life in danger.

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