Crucial Facts about Vitamin K that You Should Know About

Many people do not know what vitamin K2 is until they become pregnant. It is very sad that this essential nutrient is usually ignored and forgotten. However , whether you are an expecting mom or not, you need to know that this vitamin is essential throughout your life. Vitamin K2 is a part of the K group, that is generally for blood clotting and health of the heart, immune system, and bones.

Vitamin K2 is known as menaquinone, that is a fat-soluble vitamin. You can find K2 in fermented foods and also in supplements. The main use of the vitamin is to provide assistance for soft tissues. Also, it is beneficial for the heart tissues and bones among others. Therefore , if you want to improve your consumption of vitamin K2, you should consume the following foods:

  • Hard and soft cheeses
  • Natto
  • Egg yolk
  • Salami
  • Ground beef
  • Chicken breast
  • Chicken liver
  • Butter

Unfortunately, not many researchers and nutritionists focus on this vitamin, that is why it is difficult to find how much vitamin K the foods above contain. However , it is believed that salivary glands and the pancreas in animals are the highest in the vitamin. Brains, reproductive organs, and cartilage might also be filled with the vitamin. Some experts claim that fish eggs are also rich in the vitamin.
kWith the list of foods above, you may be wondering why you should up your consumption of vitamin K. Why is it so important anyway? Here are the top reasons why you should start upping your vitamin K intake:

Stronger Bones

Vitamin K2 can provide you with better bone health and is even a lot more efficient than calcium. Actually this particular vitamin is needed by calcium as well as other minerals in binding into the bone matrix. This process allows the bones to be much stronger and avoid remaining in your soft tissue. Vitamin K2 has been proven by science as effective in stopping bone loss for those who have osteoporosis. It is possible to reduce up to 80% bone fractures in patients with osteoporosis.

Healthier Heart

Artery calcification can occur if you have too much calcium within your body without the required co-factors in their correct ratios:

Taking supplements with K2 has been shown to lower the risk of calcification as well as dying from any cardiovascular disease.

Healthier Mouth

How healthy your mouth is can determine your overall health. Vitamin K, especially K2, is important for your oral health. K2 can give help in preventing cavities and in remineralization of the teeth. The remineralization process can reverse small cavities.

Vitamin K2 can even improve your insulin sensitivity, that can help reduce the possibility of developing diabetes.

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