How You Can Reduce Excess Stomach Acid

When acid reflux strikes, the majority of us grab antacids. They are often available and usually effective. But who would like to keep taking these medications whenever there are natural techniques can relieve pain without negative effects to health?

Here are natural remedies you can try to stop pain due to hyperacidity and heartburn:

Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are effective in lowering acid content of your stomach. They also help improve digestion. With their cooling effect, burning and other acid reflux symptoms can be eliminated. Here’s how you can use mint leaves for relief:

  1. Chop mint leaves to have them ready.
  2. Boil a pot of water.
  3. When it is boiling, add the chopped mint leaves.
  4. Remove the pot from the fire and let it cool.
  5. Drink the water.


If you love eating bananas, here’s one more reason why you should keep eating these fruits. They have high amounts of potassium, which can keep your acidity in check. Bananas also help in producing mucus in your stomach, which protects it from too much acid. The high fiber content also helps increase the rate of digestion, which can reduce recurrence of acid reflux. For best results, eat an overripe banana, which is thought to have significantly more potassium than a regular banana.

Cold Milk

The high calcium content in milk is good for avoiding the accumulation of acid in the stomach. Whenever you feel a burning sensation in your stomach all the way to your throat, down a glass of cold milk for relief. It certainly helps if the milk you select doesn’t have sugar and other additives.


It is no secret that ginger is an excellent ingredient you may use to alleviate stomach problems. With regards to indigestion as well as hyperacidity, you can also use ginger to help soothe your tummy. Ginger is also effective in keeping you healthy as it allows better absorption of nutrition in the meals you eat. In addition, it aids in preventing ulcers as it encourages mucus secretion.

Ginger can be a little too strong for the flavor of some individuals. If you can’t chew up even a little piece with the pungent flavor, you can test boiling the main first. Rather than eating the ginger, drink the water you boiled the ginger with.

The treatment for heartburn and hyperacidity doesn’t have to always involve over-the-counter solutions. Sometimes, the answer toward pain relief just happens to be in your kitchen.

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