Broccoli Seed Oil: The New “It” Oil for Fighting Aging

Everybody knows how broccoli is effective for our health and wellness. With a host of health benefits, this green is considered a needed addition to our diet. But broccoli is not just recommended on your plate and in your stomach, but also on your skin. Using the seeds of this cruciferous vegetable, oil is produced. The seeds are cold-pressed to give such a distinctive type of essential oil with high fatty acid solution content.
broccoliBroccoli Seed Oil for Skin Care

Apart from the essential fatty acids, broccoli seed essential oil contains powerful antioxidants, which makes it a great essential oil to prevent skin aging. Plus, it is non-greasy, light, and is easily assimilated by the skin. The feel is similar to the silicones in other hair and skin care products. But how does broccoli seed oil prevent premature aging of the skin and wrinkles? Here’s how:

1. Hydrates

Use broccoli seed oil on your face to get that youthful glow. Thanks to the fatty acids in the oil, the skin is hydrated without looking and feeling greasy. There is also an invisible protective layer, which works by trapping in moisture, sot that the skin is hydrated the whole day.

2. Protects

There are a great number of stressors in the surroundings that cause rapid skin aging. Applying broccoli seed essential oil on the facial skin provides security against these stressors – exactly like how broccoli protects your body.

3. Moisturizes

As mentioned, the fundamental essential fatty acids can hydrate your skin, but that’s not absolutely all. They are able to also penetrate your skin so deeply to moisturize and lasts all day long. What’s excellent about the broccoli seed essential oil is that it doesn’t clog the pores, unlike other oils and products that are petroleum-based.

4. Nourishes

Broccoli seed oil is also full of nutrients, including vitamin C, which nourishes the skin to leave a radiant sheen on the face. This can give you younger and glowing look that you cannot achieve from skin care products.

5. Exfoliates

Broccoli seed oil has vitamin A in the form of retinol, which is used as a natural exfoliator. Retinol has also been clinically proven to reduce fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles.

6. Calms and soothes

There’s a specific fatty acid in broccoli known as arachidonic acid that is actually a type of polyunsaturated fatty acid located in our epidermis. It can help give that feeling of relieve on your skin.

With all the current benefits mentioned previously, you surely want to try broccoli seed oil on that person. There are also products with the essential oil to improve skin texture and hair appearance.

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