The Best Smoothie Recipe for Your Knees and Joints

The bones and joints have to be on top condition so you can move your body with ease. Sadly, poor diet, along with incorrect exercise and the aging process can affect our joints and bones.

As a result, our mobility and posture are affected greatly. Unlike osteoporosis though, there is not much information about osteoarthritis. That’s why many people don’t know much about joint care.

Our knees are among the most important joints. From walking to dancing to climbing, our knees bear the force every movement we make. As we grow older, our knees become weaker, affecting how we move and how flexible we are.

Many people who are at least 35 years old experience knee pain. This typically occurs when the cartilage wears out, causing this special cushion in our joints to let the bones rub against each other. This is why healthy knees make a great deal of difference in conditions of having a comfortable life.

It can help if you look after your joints now, including your knees while you are still young. Here’s one special smoothie that can strengthen your ligaments and tendons that are found in your knees. Drink daily if you would like as this formula also can help you gain more energy, and that means you is capable of doing better during the day.
jointsTo make this smoothie, here are the ingredients you need:

When all the ingredients above are prepared, here are the steps for this smoothie:

1. Prepare the moment oatmeal precisely how you normally would. Let it cool when you prepare the other elements.

2. Get the juice from the pineapple chunks.

3. Mix the cinnamon, orange juice, almonds, and raw honey making use of your blender.

4. While blending, add the oatmeal and the pineapple juice.

5. Add ice cubes if you want then blend again.

This smoothie is nutritious and yummy at the same time. It contains vitamin C, bromelain from pineapples, silicon, and magnesium. All these compounds are great for people who want to prevent osteoarthritis in older people as well as problems, such as joint pains. This can also soothe pain and help you avoid other inflammation-related conditions. Drink this smoothie to lubricate your joints and even help you improve your mobility.

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