Best Health Benefits of Black Tea

There are a lot of types of tea, but one of the very most widely consumed is black tea. The processing methods are what independent black tea from white or green tea. Black tea is oxidized and fermented, providing it its unique flavor, color, and even health advantages. Alternatively, white and green teas aren’t fermented.

Enjoy the pursuing benefits when you sip black tea every day:

1. Good for the Heart

Research has proven that black tea can reduce cardiovascular disease propensity. Black tea is among the best resources of flavonoids, which really is a kind of antioxidant that will help prevent bad cholesterol oxidation, reduce blood clots, and improve coronary vasodilation.

2. Fights Cancer

Polyphenols are antioxidants within black tea that can prevent development of carcinogens in the body. This assists combat ovarian, prostate, bladder, colorectal, and lung malignancies.

3. Eliminates Free Radicals

Black tea has antioxidants that remove dangerous free radicals we accumulate as we consume unhealthy foods and get subjected to air pollution. Free radicals, if not removed, can cause cancer, atherosclerosis, and blood clotting.
black tea

4. Improves Immunity

We need a wholesome immune system to fight viruses and bacteria to stop certain illnesses. The tannins in the tea can defeat influenza, cold, hepatitis, and dysentery. Catechin is one example of tannin found in black tea that can help suppress tumors.

5. Enhances Oral Health

Catechins can also help reduce oral cancers, while other tannins and polyphenols work as antibiotics that inhibit bacteria that can cause tooth decay. The beverage also contains fluoride (two cups equivalent to 1.5mg fluoride) that prevents tooth decay and bad breath.

6. Gives More Energy

Compared to coffee, black tea doesn’t have a lot of caffeine. But it still does and it can be used by your body to increase efficiency and gain more energy. When used moderation, caffeine is a great stimulant that can increase alertness and the way the brain functions.

7. Quickens Weight Loss

In comparison to other drinks, black tea includes low levels of calories, body fat, and sodium. Hence, it is an extremely beneficial beverage for individuals who wish to lose weight or those who wish to maintain their healthy weight.

The next time you want a dose of caffeine, sip on black tea rather than espresso or even soda to avoid the excess calories and sugar. Plus, there are a great number of benefits that can improve your wellbeing with simply a cup.

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