Why You Should Add Mint to Your Dishes

We often see mint in candies, gums, and desserts. But this herb is quite versatile so you can truly add it to your daily diet as well. Here are some explanations why you should incorporate the aromatic leaves to your dishes:


For your digestion problems, you can include mint to your dishes. The aroma of the herb will do to activate the saliva glands which you have in your mouth. What’s more, it encourages the glands that are responsible for secreting digestive enzymes, so you wouldn’t experience digestion problems. Add mint to decrease instances of indigestion, dyspepsia, and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.


Mint has a strong smell, which is effective in opening up your congested throat, bronchi, lungs, and nose. If you suffer from asthma attacks, eat foods with mint in it. The rosmarinic acid that the herb contains is anti-inflammatory and also helps in clearing the airways.
mintMint can be added to your diet, so your food will have that distinct fresh, minty flavor. Whenever you add mint to your food, you don’t have to worry about the calories because these leaves don’t have them. Sodium and fat are also absent in this herb, which makes it a great addition to those who are watching their weight.

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