6 Surprising Uses for Cinnamon

Stressed out? The staple spice from the season – cinnamon – can help you relax! Learn how to overcome high blood sugar, curb cravings, and more with these quick tips.


Stabilize Blood Sugar

The holiday season is synonymous with overeating and eating things that can derail your healthy diet. Keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day and curb your cravings before that office party to help keep additional weight off this holiday season by adding cinnamon to your coffee. Simply add a half teaspoon of cinnamon into the filter to brew with your coffee and then put an additional half teaspoon into your mug.

Preserve Leftovers

Help your holiday dinners last longer as leftovers with this handy cinnamon trick. Adding a small amount of cinnamon to your traditional casserole dishes and vegetables actually decreases the amount of bacteria in it after a four-day time span.

Calm Stress

Studies have shown that the scent of cinnamon helps your body relax and makes you feel less stressed. So put some cinnamon sticks in your house or burn cinnamon candles to relax your entire household amidst all the cleaning, wrapping, and baking. If you’re out running errands, chew on cinnamon gum in the process to help put your mind at ease in those long lines.

Eliminate Acne

Breakouts can often flare up when you’re stressed. If you experience a holiday-inspired breakout, use a topical mask of cinnamon and honey once a day to banish your blemishes. Cinnamon and honey are both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, making them the perfect combination to combat stress pimples. Mix a sprinkle of cinnamon with two teaspoons of honey for spot treatment to leave on affected areas for a few hours before rinsing off.

Get Rid of Ants

Ants do not like cinnamon. So if all of the food in your house around the holiday season has led to a minor ant problem, simply sprinkle some cinnamon in the main affected areas to repel ants from coming into your kitchen or house in general.

Banish Bad Breath

You don’t want to be the person at the annual holiday party with bad breath – that can make you more stressed out than buying the perfect gift! If you’re afraid of having bad breath and your regular mouthwash isn’t helping, boil cinnamon sticks in water and gargle once it has cooled down to a warm – not cold – temperature to freshen your breath.

Source: www.doctoroz.com

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