6 Foods That Fight the Flu

This has been a huge year for the flu. Because there are so many different types going around, it’s important to keep your body strong and your immune system running effectively, beyond just getting your normal flu shot. Try these six foods to help you prevent infections and allow you to recover more quickly from illness.



Ginger breaks down the accumulation of toxins to then decrease your risk of any type of infection. Ingesting it in the form of ginger tea when you have a cold will soothe your throat and help ease your symptoms, because its detoxifying agents are especially effective in the lungs and sinuses – all while helping you ward off worse illnesses, like the flu.

Black Currants

There’s a reason doctors recommend drinking lots of orange juice when you have a cold: vitamin C is a huge immunity booster and black currants have five times the amount that oranges do! These berries are also rich in antioxidants, which help soothe sore throats and alleviate symptoms of the flu. Moreover, their tart flavor makes them a nice addition to your morning smoothie.


Fish is a great source of nutrients to keep you strong during the height of flu season. It also contains vitamin B12 which is known to fortify your immune system.


Similarly to fish, pork’s protein level is perfect for sustaining your strength this winter. However, it’s lesser known for its equally impressive zinc content. Zinc is an essential mineral because your body cannot make it itself, and it’s almost impossible to fight off infections without it.


Garlic isn’t just for exceptional flavor. As a prebiotic, it stimulates the production of good bacteria in your colon and the rest of your digestive system, making it less likely for you to get sick in the first place. Some dairy products, like Greek yogurt, can also accomplish this, but they are known to cause an increase of mucus, which usually isn’t what you need this time of year.


Kale is classified as a superfood for a good reason. It’s one of the healthiest vegetables out there but it’s especially important for flu prevention. It detoxifies and relieves your liver so it can do its job of producing immunity-boosting cells more effectively. Nutrients such as vitamin A and glutathione found in kale can also help fight infections.

Source: www.doctoroz.com

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