5 Readily available spices to turn your water into healthy elixir

Water, the chemical basis of life is not only the essential drink we have to take, it may also be converted into an elixir that can improve our well-being, all with the power of simple spices.

Our resident expert listed some spices that be found right in your kitchen which you can use.

We featured ginger to be a highly effective natural pain killer, so that as as it happens you can certainly toss it in your cup of water to get some good of its benefits. Understand that ginger has been used for years and years as a treatment for dealing with cramps, nausea, flatulence and bad digestive function. The semi-spicy tingling taste that ginger leaves your tongue has anti-inflammatory and antivirus properties. It’s delicious and guaranteed to add flavor to your water.

Direction: Chop pieces of ginger, the size of your fingernails and throw few pieces it in your cup of water. Mix it well so water can absorb the taste. Get one of these few parts first as ginger is very aromatic plus some may find its flavor a little strong.

Lemon / Lime juice

Lemon, apart from making that special sweet and sour lemon chicken that many find irresistible can also be used to infuse your water with vitamin C. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that helps your body get rid of free radicals. It also boosts your immune system and help fight infection. A regular dose of vitamin C can also help you indigestion.

Direction: Squeeze half a lemon or lime in your water. This can work both in cold or lukewarm water.


Cucumbers aren’t simply for your eye and skin. Your internal pipes can perfectly reap the benefits of it because of its high amount of minerals and vitamins. Cucumber in addition has been found to expel body poisons and its refined flavor is a perfect go with to that cool glass of normal water.

Directions: Slice the cucumber (you can choose to remove the skin or not). Do not remove the seeds as it contains most of the flavor.

Mint leaves

Some people prefer to chew it and some as seen in many restaurants put it in their water. Businesses have been accomplishing this for some time and there’s no reason behind you never to get it done in your homes. Mint can be a natural herb that can certainly grow in a little pot and positioned on the mini garden in your house. It can benefit with tummy pain and indigestion. Additionally, it may activate your salivary glands making eating a good experience.

Direction: Get 2-3 mint leaves. Cut or chop it and put it in your cup of water. That is best served frosty.


It isn’t a secret knowledge that cinnamon can remedy bad digestion. It can also regulate blood sugar level and help in speedy burning of excess fat in the body. Adding this to your water can give life to the usual tasteless and boring drink.

Direction: Add a pinch of cinnamon into a glass of water, mix and let it stand there for a few minutes. Mix it again before taking in.

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