5 Herbs that can instantly lower blood pressure

Lowering your blood pressure is essential to ensure a healthier life. A high blood pressure in the end can result in lots of complications including increased risk of heart attack, kidney disease, vision problems, heart failure, stroke and many others – all we guarantee that you don’t want to have.

Getting medication to prevent heart attack, kidney disease, vision problems, and heart failure might work, but as they say prevention is always better than cure so here we list some of the herbs that can lower blood pressure.

Just add these herbs in your diet (or drink) and enjoy the benefits of lower blood pressure. These herbs can be a part of your DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet and safe since they are organic and all natural.
blood pressureGarlic

It’s common and a regular ingredient in food but some people remove it from their plates when spotting it. Don’t. Ingest it and you’ll enjoy lower blood pressure. Clinical tests by Clinical Research Middle of New Orleans exposed that garlic consists of allicin, an element that can reduce starting point of hypertension. Powered garlic works equally well.


Onions are rich in antioxidant flavonol and quercetin. A test exposed that individuals who eat onions regularly have reduced diastolic and systolic stresses. Which means that the heart do less work and for that reason experiences lesser stress.


We’ve featured this herb in the past and there’s no stopping us since cinnamon can really do wonders. It can lower blood pressure and even fight onset of diabetes. A study conducted recently revealed that subjects who drink water infused with cinnamon have lower blood sugar levels.


The leaves of this small plant contains viable amount of carvacrol that can significantly reduce arterial pressure, diastolic and systolic pressures and the heart rate similar to onions.


Olive oil, that thing that makes your pasta and salad extra delicious can lower your blood pressure. Yes it is essential oil, but it’s a good variant. It really is a normal area of the Mediterranean diet and may be the key reason why people in the region apparently have healthy blood pressure. The fruits itself can also do a similar thing.

These herbs act fast and can be studied regularly. Try including them in your regular diet and feel the difference. Not merely it can enhance the flavor of your food but additionally, it may improve your wellbeing.

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