4 Ways to Turn Any Soup into Healthy Soup

A bowl of warm soup is one of the best companions when the temperatures drop. There are always store-bought varieties that you can warmth at home, but nothing beats soups that contain fresh ingredients. You are in control of the taste and also you even get to cut back on the sodium content of the soup.

Soup should not just be tasty, but it should also be healthy. Here are the ways on how you can make your soup good for your health:

1. Mix and match ingredients. Your vegetable beef soup may not be as solid as you want it to be. Perhaps your chicken noodle soup doesn’t have the spiciness that you will be looking for. To resolve these problems, try blending both of these or other soups jointly, that will give your new soup more bulk and flavor.

2. Add veggies. There is no better way to make soup healthier than to add vegetables. A green soup is very easy to make as you can just throw in different veggies to it. There are plenty of choices, such as arugula, baby spinach, cabbage, and many more. Of course, your choices are not limited to the green ones because you can always add other vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, and onions.
soup3. Add fiber. Soups are already filling, but you can add more to it with whole rices, which contain fiber. If you have leftover wholerices, such as wholerice pasta, barley, or dark brown rice, just add these to your soup. On the other hand, if you don’t like rices, but nonetheless need to get the fiber from your soup, choose beans instead. Beans, especially cannellini beans, will work correctly if you want to make Italian-style soup. For your Southwestern soup, use pinto or black beans.

4. Put in a puree. You may make your soup even tastier with veggie puree, that will give it more nutrition. You are able to puree butternut squash or boiled pumpkin. Adding puree can make your soup creamier, but because you don’t have to use store-bought lotions, you don’t add more calorie consumption to your soup. That is an excellent way of enhancing the taste and benefits of the soup without worrying about the amount of calorie consumption you consume.

When making soup, you should pick the right ingredients to make it more nourishing. Don’t settle for the ones that you can buy at stores to make the preparation easier. Spend time finding the freshest ingredients to have a healthy and hearty soup.

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