10-Second Health Tricks to Change Your Life Forever

You do not need the whole day or even an hour to begin becoming healthy. You can actually shape up, lose a few pounds, and get healthier within one minute or less. With the next tricks, you can improve your health within 10 seconds:

1. Drink ice cold water before you exercise even though exercising to improve endurance up to 23%.

2. Expressing yourself, especially through screaming, while you lift can increase your muscle strength up to 25%. You can have another person do this for you, which can provide you additional five to eight percent muscle strength.

3. Don’t throw away the milk from your cereal; otherwise, you’re discarding up to about 40% of the nutrients that should have been in your breakfast.

4. Have a bet with a friend or a colleague  about your diet or workout routine that you can stay on the program for six months. There have been many studies in the past that showed betting can help a person achieve the goal up to 97%.

5. If you love eating wheat bread, it is time that you should get rid of it from your diet. Oftentimes, it is just white bread with molasses used to dye it darker. If you’re craving for bread, make sure that it is labeled as “whole grain” or “100% whole wheat.” An even better choice is rye bread, which has dietary fiber so you feel full for longer.

6. Sitting all day long can shorten your life. Have a break every hour by standing up for 10 seconds – yes, only 10 seconds. Just get up from your seat, count slowly from 1 to 10, and then you can resume sitting.

7. For individuals who want to lose weight, this is a simple trick that you should do every day: step on a scale. While it will fluctuate every couple of days, you will soon see that there is a pattern and you’ll find yourself understanding the right methods that can help you lose more weight until you achieve your weight goal.

8. Prevent feeling cold after showering by drying off starting with your head and working your way right down to your toes.

9. Get rid of a hangover by eating asparagus. Regarding to a study in South Korea, when liver cells are exposed to asparagus extract, free radicals are excreted. Additionally, the enzymes that help break down alcohol work faster.
tricksThese tricks are simple and for everybody. Whether you are a busy individual or you’re just too lazy to move around and exercise, these 10-second habits can help you become healthier very quickly.

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